School Uniform and School Kit

All school uniforms (i.e. both Summer and Winter) will be available at the school. Parents/guardians are advised to purchase school uniforms, blazers, badges, belts and ties from our school shop to maintain uniformity.
Black school shoes and navy blue socks should be purchased from the market.

Standard of dress and appearance

All pupils must wear the school uniform correctly, to and from school and normally for all occasions when they are representing the school including school visits and sports fixtures whether or not these are in school hours. Exceptions to this will be notified by the member of staff in charge of the activity.

If you require clarification on the regulations or have personal requirements, you must discuss this with the Head of School at your earliest convenience.
It is essential for the appearance of all pupils to be compatible with their attendance at a uniformed school which has high expectations of good behaviour. To save the expense of replacement of unacceptable items we ask parents to adhere to the details of the school’s uniform regulations when equipping their child. The decision of the school is final in respect of all school uniform regulations.