Welcome to Sarada Vidyapith where education means all round development of the child.we cherish a noble mission to guide every child achieve the best.

We at Sarada Vidyapith earnestly strive to respect the individuality of the children  and provide them with a right kind of assistance, inspiration and instruction.we believe that the children will attain immense success in life if we be intently attentive and careful about proper development of their individuality to enable them to be liked, appreciated and respected by others.
We initiate the best possible efforts to render discipline for their glorious progress and prosperity and encourage the students to develop a sense of responsibility through a well planned academic schedule.Our school is committed to follow well planned curricula giving adequete importance to co-curricular activities.we are constantly at work to create a congenial environment for building healthy and benign relationships to make learners feel secure being challenged and take risks where goal setting is part of the learning process and celebrating progress and success is a part of everyday life.

Finally, I intend to assure you all that the Hon’ble Management and the team of skilled and dedicated teachers of Sarada Vidyapith are sincerely executing their vital roles to empower your children with the required edge to reach the summit of excellence in life.I also express  my heartfelt gratitude to the parents of the children for their inspiring and vigorous support to magnify the glory and grandeur of the school.      Mrs.Puja Bhattacharya ,Principal