Our School Foundation’s History

Step back in time …

“Imagination is more important than knowledge” – Albert Einstein
“Knowledge has to be improved, challenged and increased constantly or it vanishes” – Peter Drucker


SRI SRI DAMODAR BISHNU AND DURGAMATA PRIVATE MANAGEMENT TRUST is the founding body of Sarada Vidyapith. It is also responsible for appointing the governing body of the school.


Imagination and knowledge in a balanced combination work wonder to effect a smooth access to the achievement of amazing success and glory in the deeds of greatest consequence. Manifestations of these two fundamental flairs of life require a well rounded education. The demand for schools providing such well- rounded education is exceptionally on the rise. In this congenial perspective SARADA VIDYAPITH, an exclusively English Medium Co-educational School following ICSE and ISC curricula, is going to reveal its spontaneous identity in the realm of educational journey of Arambagh, a remote sub-division in Hooghly district. The school starts its long journey from the academic year 2019- 2020 with the prime goal of imparting quality education which includes the art of shaping an individual’s personality through physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual development. It is to be asserted that the institution will be affiliated to the Council of the Indian School Certificate Examinations at the earliest.

The genesis of SARADA VIDYAPITH is a combined vision of Dr Nimai Chandra Kundu, an eminent physician, scholar,

philanthropist and social worker, and his late wife Shova Rani Kundu, a dignified woman of distinguished personality, profound wisdom and a true generosity of spirit. Their noble thought passed in a zigzag way from 2006 in confrontation with multiple adverse circumstances. This intent became almost stagnant and static owing to the sudden demise of Shova Rani Kundu and acute physical ailment of Dr Kundu. Whatsoever, the aspiration regained its mobility and vitality in 2017 and was accelerated by Dr Kundu’s two sons, his youngest brother, his nephew and numerous well-wishers to transform into an initiative.

Nevertheless, the darkness of hindrance has ultimately been annihilated and the elevated thought of founding the institution has become a dazzling reality. The realisation of the noble vision has been nourished by a galaxy of erudite advisers which include experts, educators and academic administrators of long- standing repute. The school aims to provide state-of-the-art facilities and an excellent learning environment for well- rounded development and exceptional educational experience for the children.